9_lying_1024x1024Phoenix Munitions is a small, licensed and insured, Virginia-based, veteran owned and operated company. We believe in producing quality ammunition for shooters all across the country and reintroducing local manufacturing jobs in Virginia. As Army veterans, we are uniquely suited for business due to lessons learned on and off the battlefield.

Our leadership team has over a decade of management experience including building teams, setting priorities, and delivering results. Our employees have a lifetime of weapon and reloading expertise.

Our customers can expect straightforward discussions and honest answers.

Quality control: We take quality control seriously and approach it with the utmost care. Our system is designed to ensure proper operation of EVERY round that leaves our factory. The process ensures the ammunition you purchase is within and or better than SAMMI specifications.

Our Process: First, we load using prescribed industrial data from our powder and projectile suppliers. Second, we hand inspect every round. After the round is gauged, we tag all boxes with a lot control tag that tells our team date of manufacture, loader, and who packaged it. The final check is a sample test fire.

Our Process in Detail: We load all 223 on a manual Dillon Super 1050 that swages (removes) the primer crimp and uniform the primer pocket. We inspect our 223 is inspected using JP enterprises 223 Wylde gauge. This effectively gives our customers match grade rifle ammunition. For our pistol rounds we load using Mark 7 Automated Super 1050 presses and inspect with the Evolution Gun Works Gauge. The EGW gauge has a tighter tolerance creating precision that you would expect from your ammunition company.